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  • Willow: Commercial Printing
    Willow Printing Group
    Willow Printing Group
    providing the highest quality print to clients across North America
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    "I am continually drawn to working with Willow Print for our service needs due to many contributing factors starting with the friendly demeanour and welcoming friendship we have come to build and finishing with a fast turnover rate, high quality of work and very reasonably priced all the while maintaining and building that lasting relationship between clients."

    Megan Basten,
    Profile Wine Group

    Commercial Printing
    This is the heart and soul of what we do. To find out how well we do it, click on testimonials to see what our clients have to say. We know that you don't care about our presses or what our pressroom looks like, so we won't bore you with that stuff here. 60 years in business has taught us that you do care deeply and passionately about the presentation, quality, effectiveness, value and timeliness of your printed pieces. It is our mandate and raison d'être to ensure that we deliver everything you care about.

    We've invested in the newest, most efficient generation of pre-press technology. Thanks to our enhanced digital workflow, unprecedented print efficiency is now possible. Our CTP technology, powered by a ROOM workflow, means improved quality, quicker turnaround time, intact file integrity, improved cost efficiency, and greater flexibility.

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    Screening Technology

    We believe in providing our clients with options to choose from, depending on the desired end result. That's why we offer 3 types of screening technology to fit all of your project needs.

    What are screens? Screens are like the resolution in your laser printer but instead of dots per inch (dpi) we call it lines per inch (lpi). The higher the screen value the better the definition of the picture.

    CrystalRaster (Stochastic/FM Screening)

    This innovative printing technology provides richer colours, sharper images and greater detail. Textures and patterns really pop! Stochastic printing is ideal to showcase high quality photography.

    Advocates of stochastic printing praise its colour accuracy and crisp images, giving greater clarity to textures and patterns. What's more, the lack of the halftone grid means that you will no longer struggle with moiré in photos of herringbone fabrics and other patterned items.

    Many proponents feel that images printed using stochastic more closely resemble the original photography. Technically speaking, other benefits of stochastic include faster ink drying times, due to the small size of the dots. This in turn saves precious time in the production cycle.

    Resolution: 210 lpi to 340 lpi

    Types of Projects Best Suited for: Coffee table books, catalogues, corporate brochures, posters

    Balanced (AM Screening)

    AM screening or traditional screening is the typical type of printing that most printing companies offer. Screening is offered in ranges from 65 to 200 lpi and is characterized by a "Rosette" pattern of screens creating the illusion of colour. The industry standard is 150-175 lpi. It is the easiest to print and allows printing equipment to run at maximum capacity. It is therefore best suited for high volume projects.

    Resolution: 65 lpi to 200 lpi

    Types of Projects Best Suited for: Direct Mail, forms, books, stationery

    Sublima (XM Screening)

    The best of both worlds: XM screening offers the high quality of Stochastic printing with the productivity of AM screening. Sublima is offered in a range of 175 to 240 lpi. The secret to it's success: In the mid-tones of an image it creates a "Rosette" pattern traditionally seen in AM Screening combined with a random hi-definition pattern of FM Screening in the highlight areas. This creates a smooth lifelike image that can be printed at near maximum press speeds.

    The best news of all is that Sublima is our default screening technology. We print at 210 lpi Sublima as our standard: a higher resolution than the industry standard.

    Resolution: 175 lpi to 240 lpi – Our Default – 210 lpi

    Types of Projects Best Suited for: Any type of printing

    Colour scanning, electronic assembly and image/colour correction

    At Willow, we can manage it all if you are lacking in the resources or technical expertise to handle these pre-media functions. If files are properly prepared, your print result will be far superior and of the quality you need to properly represent your brand image. Let our in-house specialists help you to achieve that objective, consistently.


    We have established a proofing process that is efficient, accurate, simple and quick, in order to satisfy your quick-turnaround requirements. Willow always creates an on-line PDF proof prior to proceeding to a full-colour digital proof. You have an opportunity to catch any errors or make changes prior to hard-copy proof, and this has repeatedly saved money and time for many of our clients. Our digital proofing system is calibrated to our presses and provides for a great degree of colour accuracy.

     Finishing (bindery)
    Specialty techniques

    Much of our finishing is done right in house, saving time and cost out of the equation. Specialty finishing techniques enhance the appeal and impact of your final printed piece: spot varnishes, creative die-cut shapes, embossing, foil stamping and lamination just to name a few. Your options are endless—just ask us.

    To learn more about how our printing and finishing technology can enhance your brand, call 905-660-1515 or toll free 888-794-5569 or contact us via email.

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